Underwood (London) WebSite Security

Underwood (London) WebSite Security

Dear Visitor,

Underwood is glad to inform any consumer that it has been increased our level of security for any purchasing through our store on line.

On the other hand, having a look at our web site address, it is easily recognizable the padlock symbol, which grants everyone a web surfing in complete security.lucchetto2 website security

All that works good not only for any purchase order applied through the store on line, but also for any different application and for any data you would like applying on our official web site.

In other words, any data will be put into the system with no risk and in a safe way.

Underwood is confident that this upgrade in security of our web site will be well appreciated anyone would like to visit our site.

Underwood always remains at disposal and we will be glad to reply to any further request of additional information or necessity.

Please feel free to contact us, sending out your request writing to: info@underwoodlondonltd.com or through our Customer Care Service, applying your message through:


Underwood thanks you for your kind availability to go through our web site.

With kindest regards.