Underwood is pleased to  announce  the complete renewal of its store on line that now  it is become “Responsive”.

Indeed, the Underwood store online has been totally changed in the layout,  definitely with an user friendly consultation  service;  more simple for any purchase but also it is a great instrument thanks to which  getting  a large quantity of information of any product, novelties, and to remain in contact with Underwood.

The best way to apply your inquiries thanks to the “contact us” option; you will be contacted  shortly and our office will be happy to assist you providing additional information relating to any item, such as the watch winding system, the programming, the modularity and quality leather, made in Italy hand-made manufacturing and the new collection like the Macassar and the Carbon Fiber real leather.

Moreover the greatest novelty is that the new Underwood store on line works in a responsive way, in other words, compatible with any PC,  Smart Phone and Tablet.

We wish you a good net surfing and enjoy Underwood store online .

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