Watch Winder Cabinet with 60 Modules and Biometric Lock System

Watch winder cabinet with 60 modules. Special Closure with Underwood Biometric lock System. Keep safe your watches and jewelry items.

The internal configuration and external finishing of any secure cabinets can be modified according to the clients specifications


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Art.Code. UN/3228


Dimensions: ca. W92 x H191,5 x D28,5 cm

Approx. W36.22 x H75.19 x D11.22 inches.

The Underwood fingerprint scanning system is basically a stand-alone system which by scanning and recognizing the fingerprint sends a command signal to activate and open the electromagnetic lock system in the case. The system is simple to use. In the beginning the owner only needs to register their fingerprints following a predetermined set of instructions. Afterwards to open the case all that is required is to place the index finger on the scanner and following verification the command signal to open will be issued. One of the main advantages of the system is the fact that the only way to access the case is by way of the scanner, there is no other way anybody can access the actual locks or command system from the outside, as all of these elements are inside the case.

Regarding the matter of privacy and security there may be a fear or concern that the registration of a fingerprint might be a problem, in that someone could possibly access the system and steal the image of the fingerprint, stealing their identity so to speak and possibly using this for illegal purposes.

Following in the long tradition of Underwood and exclusive leather goods, the cabinets can even be covered in exclusive leather in a colour and style selected by the client. The internal configuration and external finishing of any watch winder cabinets can be modified according to the clients specifications.

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Operates AC or battery power.

When using AC power, battery power is automatically cut off, preserving the life of your batteries

Continuously flashing green LED lets you know the system is operational, even during rest cycles

Low-battery indicator gives you ample time to safely replace the batteries

Underwood Programming System

Underwood has developed a new system, which allows the possibility of directly programming your watch winder according to the specifications of the watch manufacturer, by a customized USB cable

Default Cycle Rotation Program

The unit will rotate 10 minutes clockwise, then 10 minutes counter- clockwise, after which it stops for 5 hours and 40 minutes. It will then repeat this cycle.

Swiss Motor

All of the Rotobox automatic watch winders from Underwood are powered by high-quality Maxon A-max DC motors each featuring high performance permanent magnets. At the heart of every Maxon motor is the world-wide patented, ironless rotor “the System Maxon®”. This motor concept has many specific technical advantages, which for Underwood results in a low-noise, highly efficient motor with low power consumption.