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Each and every individual leather panel used in the production of the Underwood watch cases and jewellery cases is cut by hand. In most cases the product will be designed using a set of cardboard templates. A series of samples are then made by hand, each one being evaluated, until the final designs are accepted. Based on these templates a set of cutting knives will be made corresponding to each piece of leather that needs to be cut.The cut panels in leather then need to be made thinner by running them through a special machine known as a splitting machine that reduces the thickness of the leather for example from 1.2mm to 0.6mm. Once all of the first materials have been prepared and selected, the actual assembly of the product can begin .All of the individual components are assembled by hand. All of the glues and support materials are carefully selected making sure that they do not contain any contaminants such as sulphur based products, that may lead to excessive and rapid tarnishing of silver and gold jewellery items. Each of our craftspeople are highly skilled and have years of experience in the traditions of leather craftsmanship. This hand crafted type of production also ensures that each piece produced is individually controlled and carefully checked for quality.




The factory in Florence, Italy has acquired over many years a vast amount of experience in the finishing of high quality leather goods. A wide selection of special stitching machines are available in order to complete the final stitching and assembly of the leather goods. The stitching of the product in the final assembly is often performed when the product is almost finished so that extreme skill and attention is required to produce a quality product. Not only is it important to have the correct equipment, it is also vital to have a pool of skilled and experienced machine operators.