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Your automatic watches are a significant investment. Shouldn’t you protect that investment with a product that has been designed with the same attention to detail as the watches themeselves?  We think that once you’ve seen all the benefits offered by this system, you’ll agree that, whether you have one fine automatic timepieces or 100, they all deserve the protection of the Underwood London watch winders.

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The safest way to protect your watches both automatic and non-automatic and all of your jewellery items. To provide the maximum protection and security these units are not manufactured in series,  so that each unit can be custom built to accomodate the needs of each individual client. Each Underwood safe, cabinet unit are built with security features corresponding to European and international norms and standars.

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Each and every individual leather panel used in the production of the Underwood watch cases and jewellery cases is cut by hand. In most cases the product will be designed using a set of cardboard templates. A series of samples are then made by hand, each one being evaluated, until the final designs are accepted. Once all of the first materials have been prepared and selected, the actual assembly of the product can begin .

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